Having lived and studied in three different countries in Northern Europe, I’ve become particularly fond of the Baltic Sea Region. It’s a particularly rich and exciting region in Europe, that offers manifold opportunities. I’ve had the chance to get insights into a large number of media, research, governmental and cultural actors throughout the region. My translations cover the languages Danish, English and German, currently I’m working on the fourth language: Estonian. Moreover my experience as an author for online media has equipped me with the skill to put the right words to what needs to be told. I offer:

Professional Translations

Danish & English to German

  • Danish to German: Literature, PR related content, Articles, Blogs, Websites, Correspondence etc.
  • English to German: PR related content, Articles, Blogs, Websites, Correspondence etc.


  • Danish to German:
    • Selection of poetry by Claus Ankersen, supported by the Danish Arts Council (in 2017)
      • currently looking for publishers
    • Selection of beatpoetry by Claus Høxbroe, supported by the Danish Arts Council (in 2015)
    • Chapter “Den perfekte familie” by Jesper Clemmensen, Flugtrute Østersøen, Gyldendal 2012, supported by the Danish Arts Council (in 2013/14)
    • Participation in two translation workshops organised by University of Frankfurt in cooperation with the Danish Arts Council (2013/14)
  • English to German:
Writing & Blogging

Writing and Blogging in Danish, English and German.

  • Researching, drafting and writing articles or blogs about specific topics
    • My personal interests cover a wide range of topics. Gladly I will work out articles about: the Baltic Sea region, minority issues, contemporary German and European politics, culture and societal issues, travelling in northern Europe and life in Denmark, Estonia and Germany.


I will constantly keep my blog updated with recent online contributions and activities.


Moreover, I will gladly support you in organising and hosting your cultural or political event. May it be a reading, a discussion or a simple get-together, I will help you out!


  • Danish Embassy in Berlin: Host of a film screening and discussion with the filmmaker and author Jesper Clemmensen
  • Hosting of several readings with Claus Høxbroe and Oscar Gilbert in Germany and Estonia
  • European Centre for Minority Issues Flensburg: Co-organiser of the summerschool “National Minorities and Border Regions”, host of a discussion about youth minority institutions
  • etc.

Drop me a line at: tobias.j.koch(a)gmx.de


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