A lyrical conquest

Mr. Claus Høxbroe is quite the prominent poet in Copenhagen’s vivid scene of lyricists. Back in 2013 he and I started working together, as he allowed me and a couple of Danish students from the university of Kiel to visit his very unique study at that time in the district of Amager. Afterwards he took us on a walk through Amager, showing the oddities of the neighborhood, that he enjoys so much.

Høxbroe truly is a lover of Copenhagen, even though his admiration for the Danish capital at times turns into a love and hate relationship, as the busy city tends to make life more and more foreseeable and also marginalizes his much loved odd characters and corners. He’s recently switched his Amager-based study with a bunker-styled basement apartment in the city center, in order to be an attentive observer of the ever changing heart of the city.

During the last year a number of new publications provide evidence for Høxbroe’s observant eye. Most prominently Høxbroe launched a new record with his good companion, the pianist Oscar Gilbert and a small orchestra. Check out the video below, to get an idea of the most recent release.

However, Høxbroe is not only performing in Copenhagen and Denmark. Together with Helena Nagelmaa we were able to bring Høxbroe to Germany for the first time in 2014. Høxbroe and Gilbert performed in Kiel and Berlin. I had the pleasure of translating a selection of poems to German and performing them with Høxbroe. Since then Høxbroe was invited to perform at the summer of literature, organised by the Literaturhaus Schleswig-Holstein, based in Kiel. The reading tour in summer 2015 brought the author and the pianist to remote places in Northern Germany. Again we had the chance to perform together.

Reading with C. Høxbroe in Friedrichstadt, Germany, 2015.
Reading with C. Høxbroe in Friedrichstadt, Germany, 2015.

Shortly before the readings in northern Germany, Høxbroe and I had the pleasure to publish the first Danish-German edition of his poems with the great publishers hochroth! The Danish Arts Council supported the project “Asphalt und Auferstehung / Asfalt og opstandelse” willingly and thankfully and we’re very happy, that the bilingual edition can be ordered online and has helped us to continue our journey.

Cover of the bilingual poetry selection by Christina Egede
Cover of the bilingual poetry selection “Asphalt und Auferstehung” by Christina Egede

Since the publication, our publishers and the Nordic Embassies in Germany have invited us to perform at the Book Fair in Leipzig on the 18th March.

Last but not least after performances at the book fair, Høxbroe will continue his lyrical conquest of Europe, performing at the literary festival PRIMA VISTA in Tartu, Estonia on the 5th of May. Together again with pianist Oscar Gilbert, he will introduce the Estonian audience to their jazzy improvisations and the beat of Copenhagen! Make sure to come by to one of the various readings!


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